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Radio Art is a European, internet radio station. It plays many types of music, but emphasizes acoustic instruments and natural sounds that are specially selected for stress-relief and anxiety reduction.

The music is carefully selected, aiming to create a special environment that will bring an oasis of peace to the listener, as well as aid relaxation, reduce mental fatigue, and help cope with stress. The reduction of stress and anxiety improves mental and physical health, with the result of improved control over thoughts and feelings, stronger endurance during work, and the achievement of a calm and relaxing sleep at night.

The journey of Radio Art on the internet is based on the cooperation of sensitive and insightful programmers, musicians and musicologists from all over the world, the Radio Art program has continued to improved and develop.

Currently RadioArt broadcasts many music channels and nature sounds. It enjoys support and connectedness with listeners from over 100 countries.

Following great effords of development, Radio Art released a unique system for its listeners, where the listener is able to exploit a broad range of options to combine music with natural sounds. For instance, the listener can add bird songs to piano music creating an envelope of sound that is perfectly conductive to relaxation and rest. Furthermore the listener can make a rotation playlist with any of the music channels, adjust the order and time of rotation and create a beautiful music atmosphere. The list can be saved and opened again at any time.

The main intent of Radio Art, is to enhance foreground dreaming, inner peace, stress relief, and soul cultivation through music.

Radio Art is managed by a team who is grounded in science and a love for Music and Art, and who draw from expertise in Art, Medicine, Management and Information Technology.


Radio Devices integrations require a Radio Art Premium Subscription.

As a premium member, you will have access to your personal premium URLs,
and you can add them to any system that supports to add custom URLs.

  • Sonos - Radio Art dedicated application is available free on the Sonos platform.

  • BOSE - SoundTouch Devices

  • TuneIn Compatible Devices

  • vTuner Devices (Onkyo, Yamaha, Pioneer, Marantz)

  • Logitech Squeezebox

  • Denon

  • Philips

  • & many others


All users can use any third-party audio software that accepts custom streaming URLs or .pls / .m3u playlist files.

  • Windows Media Player

  • iTunes

  • WinAmp

  • Real Player & VLC

  • HTML5 Player

  • Other mp3 players